According to the World PR Report 2017, apple tree communications is in the top 162 PR agencies in the world and the third in Spain.

The World PR Report is the most comprehensive analysis of the public relations and communications industry worldwide. According to the report, made by ICCO and OnePoll, PR agencies are having an excellent time. This trend can be seen in the success of apple tree communications, which has retained its place in the top 162 best PR agencies in the world, and the third most successful one in Spain.

apple tree satisfies all the criteria that the report recognises as key to the growth of PR, starting by taking corporate reputation very seriously. Reinforcing this, it is important to highlight the agency’s successful philosophy of internal promotion and the recognition for two consecutive years as “Best Agency To Work” according to SCOPEN.

Another factor cited in the report is that customers request services that go beyond public relations, and apple tree is characterized by being a 360 agency.

The last fundamental factor is the digital services offered by PR agencies and their quality which increases year by year. From the outset, we knew that apple tree could specialise in the digital sphere on behalf of companies and we devised our own methodologies such as influencer marketing, which have proven to be the perfect way to connect brands with their audience.

The report also analyses the Gender Gap in agencies: the shortage of women on boards of directors and in executive positions in public relations and communication companies. At apple tree, we engage with movements that look to change society for the better with initiatives such as the one we developed last International Women’s Day.  Through the “out of the office” email format, all customers and suppliers who wrote to us during that day received an automatic response that denounced the automatic discrimination existing today. This was a clear example of sticking to our values, which were developed by our three founders: Carme Miró, Olivia Walsh and Kirsty Brown.