The Spanish Association for the Digital Economy (ADigital) includes more than 500 companies in key industries and is the organization driving the digitalization of the Spanish economy.

The association has considerable media presence that is largely based on reactive communications that do not position the association sufficiently.

Our challenge was to position ADigital as a key voice on the digital economy and digital transformation in Spain by increasing its relevance and communicating its purpose: “Prioritizing digitalization to drive the economy and social welfare, making Spain a genuine Digital Nation”.


To do this, we designed a strategy based on “putting a face” to the purpose of ADigital, in the form of its chairwoman, Carina Szpilka.

Carina is one of the most well-known and respected professionals in Spain within the business, entrepreneurial and digital community and was therefore the ideal figure to act as an authorized spokesperson as she would allow us to make the purpose of ADigital tangible, giving it strength and credibility.

We carried out this plan in two phases:

  1. We adapted the purpose of the association to a PR storytelling framework, designing the key communication messages, and we held two media training sessions with Carina and the ADigital communications team.
  2. We scheduled and managed a programme of high quality editorials, opinion pieces and interviews with Carina Szpilka in major media outlets.


The work carried out by our press office and as part of Carina Szpilka’s specific visibility plan resulted in:

  • 3 informal meetings with media (Expansión, Cadena SER and EFE).
  • More than 10 high quality editorials and interviews talking specifically about “Spain, a Digital Nation”.
  • 2837 clippings in media, with an EPV of 16 million euros.
  • 62% positive news and 36% neutral.

We achieved our goal of increasing the relevance and authority of ADigital vis a vis digitalization in Spain, increasing the total volume of clippings (notoriety and share of voice), the percentage of positive news (sentiment) and the presence of its chairwoman in key media thus personalizing the purpose of ADigital.