Rum and spirits production in the Caribbean dates back nearly 400 years and contributes more than 500 million dollars to the local economy.

However, smaller, historic rum producers are under increasing pressure from larger competitors.

Despite rallying together under a single marque, Authentic Caribbean Rum, it was still David versus Goliath as they tried to compete with the big brands.

We knew that bartenders across the world would be inspired by the history and passion in each of these incredible brands.  We knew if we could tell the real story of the people behind each Caribbean rum brand we would be able to help them survive.

Beautiful Idea


Real companies, real stories, real people.
We decided not to run a consumer campaign, but an education campaign, focusing our limited budget on influencers, opinion leaders, experts and journalists in each country who would become ‘true rum’ ambassadors and spread the news all over the world.

We created a communication hub that would act as the heart and home of Authentic Caribbean Rum and used education to create the largest global online community of rum experts.

The hub became a space where bar tenders, trade professionals, journalists and influencers, could find the most interesting, surprising and beautiful educational content: the rum makers’ stories, videos, educational materials, bartender guides…
A space where bartenders could take part in a unique certification programme with master classes, training sessions and publications… and earn the chance to be trained in the Caribbean by local rum producers.
A storytelling hub that would connect the people behind Authentic Caribbean Rum with key bartenders and rum experts around the world.



Over a two and half year campaign, which ran across Europe and North America, we helped Caribbean rum countries tell their story through a multichannel strategy: targeted digital paid media campaigns, social media content, trade advertising, professional events, and PR in 7 languages.

We trained and certified 3,000 top-level bartenders in 70 cities and generated media coverage across 12 countries.

We built the largest community of rum influencers in the world:  24,000 registered rum influencers, who are active advocates of Authentic Caribbean Rum and more importantly, we helped to launch 18 small rum brands and 54 new SKUs in Europe and North America.

The campaign was awarded Sabre Awards for ‘Trade PR’ and ‘Branded Narratives’ and the community of fans we nurtured will continue sipping and sharing rum education for years to come.