The economic crisis was hard-hitting in Spain, dominating conversations, perspectives and people’s lives.  All major food retailers had aligned their communication strategies around messages that solely focused on price. This resulted in zero differentiation among supermarket brands.

Appointed as the new Caprabo’s creative communication agency, we recognized that by neglecting brand identity and focusing only on price, the brand itself was losing value.

A new approach was needed that would allow the brand to reconnect with its customers and would bring a breath of fresh air to a market that had grown stale and stagnant.

Beautiful Idea


We developed a new positioning, “Hello, free shopper”, an umbrella concept that would cover all the company’s communication activities, across all channels, and would present Caprabo exactly as it is: a close, friendly brand that, thanks to its range of products and services, allows customers to enjoy more freedom and to be happier.

We reunited Caprabo with its customers by focusing communication on the most passionate moments of consumers’ lives, those moments that truly matter, and linking these to the passion that Caprabo puts into everything it does for its customers.

The result has been the development of a strong bond with customers based on much more than price. A bond that is based on trust and understanding, on a belief that Caprabo is committed to providing its customers with the very best.



Importantly, the results have also been measurable: Caprabo achieved a notable increase in sales for the first time in three years. Research carried out has also shown a significant increase in brand awareness and an improvement in the perception of Caprabo, spanning across key geographic regions.

As the icing on the cake, the Caprabo campaign won the “impact award” (from the Catalan Advertising & PR Association) for best campaign, outdoing campaigns from the biggest Spanish advertisers including Estrella Damm and Banc Sabadell.