Since 2010, .CO has been working to grow the .co domain and position it as a globally recognized brand. Working with apple tree in 2016, they began a new communication strategy; focusing on Facebook which is the social network with most users in Colombia.

Through this underlying digital strategy, we organized a number of events related to entrepreneurs and innovation in Colombia.

Beautiful idea


We have helped to develop events for the technology and innovation sector such as Colombia 4.0, Colombia Startup, Web Congress, Foro de Gobernanza en Internet (Internet Governance Forum) and the Mipyme Digital Expo.

In these events, we have worked closely with entrepreneurs and SMEs to improve their brand offerings, as well as developing the events’ coverage through photographic content and streaming via Facebook Live. All the resulting coverage was carefully tailored to suit the medium and protagonists of each event in order to generate maximum results.



The digital strategy for .CO was focused on transforming the narrative on its webpage to position the domains .co and as the best options for entrepreneurs and emerging businesses.

  • During 2018, the .CO Facebook page grew by 17.2% reaching a total of 15,882 followers.
  • The posts on this page reached more than 2 million users and generated nearly 13,000 interactions.
  • 119,201 unique users visited .CO’s website and the site received a total of 262,259 visits.
  • .CO has stood out globally for its presence and performance on digital media amongst domain administrators.