DKV is the fourth largest health insurance company in Spain, with a 7% market share. Its main competitors are real giants with enormous advertising budgets, far beyond the investment capacity of DKV.

Our main challenges were:

  1. a) to increase the notoriety of the brand with far fewer resources and
  2. b) to consolidate and increase its corporate reputation.

Our challenge: bring to life the commitment of DKV to people’s health and to the planet in an effective manner.

Our insight: Nothing is more closely associated with a healthy life than nutrition.  

Beautiful idea

To give the brand greater notoriety, we developed a corporate communication strategy focussing on a star topic: nutrition.

We strove to raise awareness of good eating habits in a close and innovative way.

  • Manifest “For a responsible consumption of sugar”: Collaboration between DKV and the activist and nutritionist, Carlos Ríos, fearlessly highlighting the health risks and consequences of excessive consumption of sugar.
  • Agreement with the Torres Brothers: The famous Michelin-star chefs and DKV promoted a series of workshops, cooking shows and conferences to raise awareness and provide outreach on the importance of nutrition to our health.

To continue increasing the corporate reputation of DKV, we worked mainly on 2 pillars: Business solidity and CSR.

  • In terms of business solidity, high-profile actions were proposed to strengthen the company’s positioning as an influential leader in the industry and in the opinion of directors from other key industries.
    • Presentation of Results: We changed the location and format and transformed the presentation into an impactful, novel and close-up event that said DKV and its values all over.
    • Future of the Insurance Industry: we organized and carried out the first meeting between DKV and Europa Press on the Future of the Insurance Industry, this time focussing on “The Insurance Industry and Ageing”. A roundtable to discuss key topics on health and its decisive impact on society, with participation by top management in the industry, the main associations and relevant high-level management from the country’s business community.
    • Healthy lifestyle score of directors in Spain: We created and published this study together with Universidad Europa in Madrid. We brought value to the algorithm developed by DKV to analyze the “Healthy Lifestyle Score” and we applied it to take a broad snapshot of the health of Spanish directors.
  • DKV’s CSR was turning 20 years old, so we intensified communication of its two star actions:
  • Creators of Awareness: An exhibition of photojournalists that began in Barcelona and traveled through the country throughout the year, produced on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of DKV’s CSR actions. This publicized the storytelling and the achievements of the company, consolidating its CSR discourse throughout the country.
  • Medicine and Solidarity Awards: The awards pay homage to the health care institutions and professionals who show most solidarity throughout the year. The awards ceremony is also a major meeting point for the big names in the industry.


To disseminate the previous actions, we carried out a comprehensive communication plan: online media owned by DKV, branded content on YouTube, combined with media releases, press conferences and stakeholder events.

We were able to improve the results in both notoriety and reputation and position DKV among the top 5 insurance companies according to the Merco ranking and to continue to share its purpose: “We are working to create a healthier world”.

Record numbers: thanks to our strategy, we achieved a record level of media coverage in just one year, 76% greater than in previous years, with an audience of more than 1 billion people and highly qualitative articles.

  • 595 clippings in Spain (+76%)
  • 18% DKV in the headline (+100%)
  • 85 interviews and opinion pieces with company spokespeople
  • Audience of 1.033 billion (+35%)
  • Results on Social Media: The visibility of the app “Quiero Cuidarme” (I want to take care of myself) and of DKV have increased and have managed to disseminate their commitment to a healthier life. Total number of impressions: 1.5 million. We published 75 videos, with 206,325 views. The channel already has 9920 subscribers and the feedback on the videos is very optimistic, with 86.2% positive commentsInteractions with the videos (likes, comments, clicks): 13,385.