The European Union International Cooperation and Development Programme is involved in numerous projects in Nicaragua aimed at advancing Nicaraguan society and centred around key areas of cooperation: Peace and Human Rights, Education and Employability, Sustainable Business Growth and the Environment.

However, many of these activities had little visibility and as such little reputation within  the local population, and this was stressed given the country was in turmoil when we started.

So, our mission was to make the European Union better known by Nicaraguans and its International Cooperation and Development Programmes recognized and used by the citizens of Nicaragua.

The European Union wanted to change the lives of people living in Nicaragua, but more than that, it wanted to inspire and empower them to create the change themselves, by working together.

Beautiful idea

“Together for Nicaragua” is the concept behind a strategic communication campaign that clearly conveys the values and contribution of the European Union´s development cooperation in Nicaragua.

Through five stories told by people who were benefitting from the EU projects, we made the EU work very tangible.  Each true story, narrated by the protagonist, told how their lives had been changed and how their communities were benefitting thanks to the support they received from the EU.


The communication campaign was launched at the end of 2019 will run until 2021 and is supported through TV, OOH, Movie Theaters, social media, PR and live event activities. UEenNicaragua

The videos captured the key messages linked to the 4 pillars of the EU´s work in the country:

  • The European Union promotes solidarity, prosperity, peace and human rights
  • The European Union contributes to the sustainable development of Nicaraguans
  • The European Union supports young people in their education and employability
  • The European Union joins farmers and producers in promoting development that protects the environment