For more than 10 years, Amgen has been working on reducing the risk of the serious consequences that can result from osteoporosis: brittle bone fractures. The problem that Amgen found is that primary care physicians are the first to attend patients. However, they usually do not have the necessary training to detect and treat osteoporosis or to prevent this kind of fracture occurring.

Furthermore, primary care physicians are constantly being bombarded with courses on lots of different conditions, making it very challenging to capture their attention by means of a conventional training model.

For this reason, we needed a new type of training that would awake their interest, motivate involvement, and which would encourage them to take an active role in the prevention of brittle bone fractures, while positioning Amgen as a leading player in the treatment of osteoporosis.

Beautiful idea

We developed an online gamification training that would encourage doctors to assume this active role and to “take the helm” of osteoporosis treatment. That is how the concept for “Set the Course” and its platform were born – digital learning set in a sailing competition comprising a 5-stage course that tests the knowledge of doctors in an innovative format. For doctors achieving the highest scores, there was the additional incentive of the chance to attend an international congress. The platform boasts a comprehensive support document prepared by renowned specialists in the field, as well as 300 multiple choice questions divided over different difficulty levels.

In order to increase engagement and add value, the game training awarded Continued Medical Training credits and was backed by 3 medical societies that are key in bone-related research and primary care services.


Sales delegates were key for the success of the training process, so we designed graphic materials and a tutorial video to help them understand the platform and communicate it to doctors, in addition to a promotional video that was used to encourage registration.

For the course itself, a system of automated mass emails was created to help communicate the project’s key milestones to the doctors, including the opening and closing of the tender stage, final days reminders or communication with the less active users.

Similarly, we expanded dissemination by means of a collaboration with the medical society SEMERGEN, through the inclusion of a banner in their homepage and newsletter.