Within the framework of their corporate communications campaign and social responsibility plan, OCENSA wanted to launch a nationwide campaign promoting tourism in the Gulf of Morrosquillo. OCENSA’s objective was to create and foster a digital community of stakeholders who would serve as a platform for local agencies and authorities to promote tourism in the region.

Beautiful idea

At apple tree, we designed a creative concept that sought to unify all the tourist community across the region while simultaneously boosting the industry’s principal actors in the Gulf of Morrosquillo.

This concept had to reflect the natural beauty of the surrounding area and be sufficiently meaningful as to encourage traffic on social networks about the industry’s latest trend in Colombia: Ecotourism.


  • We achieved two trending topics on a national level with the hashtags: #NaturalmenteMorrosquillo and #MorrosquilloEncanta-
  • 10,000 more people interested in ecotourism
  • 7.5 million impressions and more than 1 million people reached by the campaign
  • 50,000 interactions on campaign content
  • Participation of the Governor of Sucre on Facebook Live from the Colombian Association for Travel and Tourism Agencies to kick off the campaign
  • Participation of the Colombian Minister for Tourism in the activation of the hashtag #NaturalmenteMorrosquillo