Mahou was a 125-year-old brand that had lost both relevance and market share and was perceived as outdated. As a beer brand it did not appear in any ‘best brand’ rankings, not even in the Drinks category!

When we researched Mahou’s consumers we realized that the brand had many genuine brand lovers, and among them, several well-respected celebrities who regularly declared their love for Mahou on their social media channels.

We believed we could use these cool, young, celebrity, brand fans as the spark to re-ignite the brand’s value.

We named this tribe, MAHOUISTAS, and with them we started a Mahou revolution that would grow to become one of the largest communities of celebrity brand ambassadors ever.

More than 140 actors, singers and footballers currently support Mahou in its resurgence by participating in TV ads, events, PR stunts and through social media, most of them unpaid.

Mahou has become one of the most important brands in Spain and in 2017 leads the Drinks Brand Category as the number 1 brand, above Coca-Cola. And most importantly, is the leading brand in sales in Spain again!

Beautiful Idea


In order to rejuvenate the brand, differentiate it from competitors, reconnect with consumers and increase visibility, we created a social movement: MAHOUISM (pride and love for MAHOU and everything the brand represents) and a battle cry #IAMMAHOUSITA.

We grew a community of celebrity brand lovers and built an experienced based campaign for consumers offering the chance to live the true spirit of the brand.  The intensive campaign included numerous activities and four key activations: 

  1. THE MAHOUSTA RELATIONS OFFICE A dedicated team of people who created genuine, long standing relationships between MAHOU and celebrity brand lovers.
  1. FIRST EVER MEDIA PRESENTATION OF A TV SPOT 122 journalists attended the official presentation of the MAHOU TV CAMPAIGN, generating a reach of over 200 million impacts.
  1. MANZANA MAHOU 330 (THE MAHOU CITY BLOCK) More than a pop-up brand experience, this space has become the place to see and be seen in Madrid in the summer.
  1. MAHOU ACCOMPLICES We created a series of concerts, unrepeatable experiences with top artists, that offered a truly MAHOU brand experience to consumers and fans, achieving more than 100 million impacts.



We rejuvenated the brand, differentiated it from competitors, reconnected with consumers and increased visibility, impacting over 54 million people with more than 10,000 clippings

MAHOU is now one of the 20 most important brands in Spain, jumping from 88th position in 2013 to 19th in 2016 (MERCO) and the number 1 drinks brand above even Coca Cola.