Nike tasked us to bring all the passion of the NBA to Europe. We had just 48 hours and one star player, the clock was ticking…

We knew that any action needed to be iconic and high impact. To touch the heart of a city we would need massive media impact but also real authentic moments with fans.

Beautiful Idea


With a little help from MVP and basketball legend Kevin Durant, we created a basketball capital for the weekend.

For the media, we offered exclusive one-to-one interviews and iconic photo opportunities with the city skyline as a backdrop.  For the fans, we created a meet and greet at the House of Hoops, and for the community we took Kevin to the re-opening of a street basketball court. Everyone had the chance to meet the star up-close and see him in action.  Each of these activities provided authentic moments for Basketball fans and breath-taking photo opportunities.



In just 48 hours, we attracted an audience of 50 million people, reached over 2 million people on social media and generated positive feeling for both the sport and the brand.