Dry Eye Syndrome affects 11% of the population in Spain Many patients self-diagnose and go to their pharmacy for information and treatment placing the burden of care on their local pharmacists. For this reason, the main objective was to increase the awareness among pharmacists of this syndrome as well as Systane’s product range as the best option for the treatment of Dry Eye.

Pharmacies are at the centre of the healthcare system in communities and small towns in Spain. They are the first port of call for advice and are crucial not only to everyday life but also to disease prevention and management.

However, they are also small businesses whose owners face the same sales and marketing issues as any other SME. To grow their businesses, they need tips that will help them to improve service, create better window displays, or design a more pleasant interior etc. But pharmacists do not have much time to train and they want to dedicate the little they have to actions that will help them improve their daily lives and increase sales.

Beautiful idea

Based on these insights, we developed a creative concept with which to identify and encourage engagement easily. This is why Pharmaville (a play on the popular Facebook App FarmVille) was created. The game centres around the town of Buenavista (“good sight”) and features a gamified learning platform through which pharmacists can improve their eye-care services. Thanks to this, the pharmacists can now take care of their customer’s eyes and at the same time take care of their businesses.By answering a number of questions across different levels and dealing with patients dropping by the pharmacy, users were able to compete both at pharmacy level and individually, involving not only the pharmacy owner but the entire team as well.


We also developed communication materials for the sales delegates, as their visits are the main communication channel with the pharmacists. We created an leaflet and a video tutorial so that they could explain the service during their regular visits and to encourage the pharmacists to sign up. .

During the course’s five-week duration, we achieved a high level of engagement on the platform and highly positive feedback from the users. This action helped to generate a valuable database of highly qualified leads from pharmacies with a proven interest in the eye care category and the range of Systane products. It also improved the perception of Novartis among pharmacists, who were very enthusiastic about the campaign, which was thought up and designed exclusively with them in mind.

By the end of the campaign, pharmacists were meant to be able to identify which product from the Systane range was the most appropriate for each specific Dry Eye case.