Pepe Jeans had been developing successful digital campaigns for many years however, they traditionally worked with high profile, celebrity influencers. We believed that by applying a new innovative approach to influencer marketing we could help them increase not only awareness by more importantly relevance and results.

Our challenge was to make their 2017 ‘Walk this Way’ campaign relevant in five key markets, UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy; to achieve not only awareness and reach in each market, but to engage fully with Millennials and Gen Z audiences in each country.

We developed a strategic approach that extended the scope of their previous campaigns and analysed the interactions of each influencer instead of their “potential reach” (not only the ‘big stars’ but also influencers with smaller communities but who were more focused on our target). This allowed us to make a more accurate and realistic evaluation of the potential ROI, that would ultimately result in a more successful campaign.

Beautiful idea


We identified and created a group of 31 influencers, each with a high engagement level in their local communities.

We then allowed each influencer to tailor the campaign to their own audience by selecting their own Pepe Jeans Total Look and creating a unique catwalk style video.   Each video was a unique interpretation of the Pepe Jeans Spring Summer Collection 2017 and each influencer shared the campaign with their followers on Instagram in a way that was both engaging and authentic.

In addition to showcasing the new collection and promoting a global contest ‘to become the next Pepe Jeans Model’ each influencer encouraged their own community to take part by offering an additional prize for the best video from one of their followers, which increased engagement and participation.

The activation of these micro-contests enabled us to generate a real brand community and a user-generated content campaign.



Within just two months, the ‘Walk This Way’ campaign reached 62 posts on Instagram, 18 million impressions, over 550,000 interactions (showing the effectiveness of prioritizing the engagement level rather than the number of followers), over 280 contest participants, and a real cost per engagement that was three times lower than the industry benchmark standard.

Our carefully selected group of influencers also allowed us to uncover emerging trends and feature original style and creativity; to achieve true digital influence through less, but more engaged, followers; to reach a hyper-local audience and to gain real trust and credibility.