Influencers are now a fundamental part of communication, especially when it comes to communicating products that need to build credibility. However, big brands continue to work with influencers in a very unsystematic manner, basing collaborations on individual agreements for each campaign, replicating the model of ‘audience buying’, rather than building real connections with consumers.

Beautiful Idea


Working with influencers is not the same as building an entire influencer marketing practice for a brand. Negotiating with 10 people is not the same as having a platform that manages hundreds of true influencers. Reach is not the same as engagement.

apple tree communications has developed a methodology for detecting, classifying and managing hundreds of influencers in any part of the world, that we systematically and continually work with over time.

Our methodology includes a very precise mapping using filters that are personalized for each client and project. We locate the most relevant people for each product and each campaign.



We create ‘made to measure’ activities for each specific group of influencers.

Not only do we define objectives for each campaign but more importantly we define objectives for the long term that allow us to increase our influencer CRM.

It is important to be able to understanding the real impact of influencer activity so we designed a system to measure the digital impact that influencer activities have on both reputation and business. Our advanced analytical platform measures:

  • Buzz monitoring
  • Optimised CPE (cost per engagement)
  • Reach, true reach, interactions and sentiment
  • Influencer activity business impact, including web platforms / apps and leads generated

By understanding the science of influence we have been able to show clients including Nike Football Europe, Pepe Jeans, McDonalds or MCFC that we can reduce their cost per impact significantly whilst increasing the reach of the activities we create and most importantly the engagement with people that will ultimately have a real impact on the business.

We are currently working on influencer programmes around Europe in Germany, France, UK, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Holland, Sweden, Portugal and in the USA.